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From Ko Lanta(Thailand) to Langkawi(Malaysia)

by admin on May 27th, 2010

This is very short, but it had to be its own post. “The season” having just finished on Thailand’s Andaman coast, the ferry that usually goes from Ko Lanta to Langkawi in Malaysia was no longer runnig so we had to take a different route: from Ko Lanta to Trang (a bustling – and I mean bustling like a beehive – middle sized Thai city) by minibus and ferry; from Trang to Satun (a smaller city in Thailand’s deep south) by bus; from Satun we took a ferry to Langkawi. All together: over 10 hours, for what would normally be under 3 h by direct ferry.

The food we got by the bus station in Satun: noodle soup to go, served in 2 plastic bags: one containing the liquid, the other the noodles. It got mixed and eaten on the bus: no major soup stains!

Local bus from Trang to Satun:

On the tuk-tuk in Trang – local taxi in a sort of 3 wheeled vehicle, like a scooter, but not really. This one has 1 wheel at the front and 2 at the back, like a tricicle. The front, where the driver sits is closed and the back is open, with 2 benches for people to sit on:

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  1. Esther Gorbatkin Frisch permalink

    I have a comment,but I don’t think you want to hear it.!!!
    come home!! Love yu Grandma

  2. Remus permalink

    That space-age bus could easily fit into any Lady Gaga video… Awesome! Looking forward to the blog entry on Penang!

  3. admin permalink

    Grandma, we were both laughing so hard when we saw your comment! :) :) :)

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