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Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

by admin on July 22nd, 2010

The two Perhentian Islands are what we dream of when we think of tropical islands. Crystal clear water, fine white sand on gently curving beaches lined up by greenery, colourful fish swimming in amazing coral gardens just a few meters offshore… and an interior covered in dense jungle.

At “Love Beach”, Pulau Perhentian Besar:

Our cabin on the beach (to the right). On our second night here, we witnessed the wildest tropical storm. The sound was that of a waterfall right above us; and when it thundered our whole wooden room shook and trembled… A bit scary, but it only lasted for two hours, and the next day everything returned to its calm sunny beauty (like in this photo):

In front of our cabin on the South side of the island (Teluk Dalam):

To cross the island (and reach the beaches on the west or southwest sides), one has to either take a taxi boat or make peace with the heat and accept the sweat and use the jungle trails:

Taxi boat waiting for clients on our beach (Teluk Dalam):

Jungle crossing:

The island is fringed with beautiful beaches:

…and giant grasshoppers:

The most beautiful beach on the island, that in front of the Perhentian Island Resort:

On taxi-boat, at sunset:

Practical Advice:

It is hard to find decent accommodation for decent prices on the Perhentians. On Teluk Dalam where we stayed, Fauna was the only reasonable choice. Their chalets are quite new and clean in comparison with those of their neighbours Flora (which are very dirty, dark, humid and smelly).

If you need access to internet like us, be aware that at this time (May 2010) only the Flora restaurant (you can stay at Fauna and just use the internet at Flora) provides wifi for an acceptable price (for 3 days). There is Internet at Tuna Bay and Coral Beach but you must pay per hour and it is very expensive.

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