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Singapore Botanical Gardens

by admin on April 28th, 2010

Singapore Botanical Garden stays open from 5 am (good time to visit if you don’t want to be a sweaty mess within 5 min of walking around!) to midnight and doesn’t charge an entry fee! There are a few public buses that drop visitors very close to its nicely decorated entry gates. Among what you find inside, there is a small tropical rain forest (bright green and beautiful but if you visit during mid-day like us, it feels like a sauna), a ginger garden and what it is most famous for, the National Orchid Garden. For this part, you do need to pay a fee, but it really is worth it!

We were told this is the biggest display of orchids in the world, with 1000 original species and about 2000 hybrids (always more on the way!). This is not actually that much, when (as we found out from wikipedia) there are between about 22, 000 to 26, 000 orchid species, twice as many as all the bird species in the world and about four times as many as all the mammal species.  Also, the orchid is really old: a now extinct type of bee was found fossilized in an orchid, dated 15- 20 million years ago.

These two are not orchids, but very common flowers that you can see everywhere in the streets :

…and Greg:

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  1. Gerald McLaughlin permalink

    So Alex do you consider Greg a flower as well (gregus bugyisilus)
    Love Ger

  2. admin permalink

    Hehe! Yes, he is a flower 😛 He’s under-cover.

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