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Who are the Watermelon Nomads?

Watermelon Nomads: Greg and Alex, married, 29(almost) and 27,  living (well, mostly) in Vancouver.

Greg does web-development remotely for a company in New York and sometimes takes on projects for his own side web-development business. Alex does some design for the side business. The “remote” character of work allows them to travel for months at a time, without having to save money for years in advance. Being now in SE Asia, work schedule can be difficult for Greg (12 h difference with NY).  Juggling work and fun can also be challenging, but hey, it’s challenge that makes us grow!

Alex went to school in her native Romania, France and Canada. Greg was schooled in the US, and spent some 8 months in Romania on an internship. They both are passionate about independent travel, which they consider more educational than any institution.

The name: “Watermelon Nomads” – because on a sunny day in Vancouver, while cutting a watermelon, they thought of how much our globe resembles it (not only in looks and pattern, but also water content!).

This is our best way to keep you informed of where we are and what we are doing. Please read us! You may also learn a few things with us about far-away places.

  1. Remus permalink

    You two SE Asian watermelon nomads are having a good time at the tropics! I wish London was as warm as the places you’re travelling through now… See you next month!

  2. alm permalink

    well done you!!!!!

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